MTN Community Event Launch

MTN embarked on six major milestones to leverage on FIFA 2010 pre and post activations in Nigeria.

1. MTN Biggest football (Guinness Book of Records)
2. MTN Anthem
3. MTN Biggest Broadcast Right
4. Africa United FIFA Community
5. New ATL campaign
6. MTN Naira Splash promo

An event was held to launch these activities to major stakeholders

When:  May 18 2010MTN6

Where: Lagos

The Objectives:
• To launch MTN’s 6 major milestones to leverage on FIFA 2010 to a select audience
• To launch the world’s  biggest football (Guinness world record) as an MTN initiative

The Challenge:
Depicting all these activities as major milestones while also drawing attention to the biggest ball as the highpoint of the event

The Activation Strategy:
A production: adding an element of drama to the unveiling processes

The Activation Tactics included:
1. Cocktails  – A cocktail session was held at the beginning of the event to encourage networking amongst guests
2. Mystery Voice-  A mystery voice was used intermittently during the course of the event to create suspense, arouse interest and excitement amongst guests
3. Mega Screens: 2 mega screens were positioned strategically within the venue to create a larger than life feel  for the event as well as showcase activities on stage
4. Documentary:  This was shown on mega screens to showcase the processes, and actions taken towards FIFA 2010
5. Flag Bearers: A team of 6 individuals dressed in jerseys of the 6 participating African countries at FIFA 2010, carrying these countries flags were used to depict MTN’s Africa United community.
6. Dance – a dance troupe was engaged to drive one of the unveiling processes (MTN Naira Splash Promo)
7. Music performance- A popular, award winning Artiste (Tuface) supported by other artistes (MTN project Fame winners) launched the MTN FIFA theme song with an outstanding performance
8. Hors d’ oeuvres and choice wines: Guests were served premium hors d oeuvres and choice wines to lend a premium and exclusive air to the event
9. Lights and sound effects: Laser lights, flood lights and pyrotechnics were used to unveil the worlds largest ball
10. Endorsements: government officials, international footballers and other dignitaries present were invited to endorse the ball by signing on it


About 350 people attended the event, amongst who were celebrity footballers, government officials and captains of various industries.

11 major newspapers in the country, 8 radio stations and 5 TV stations featured the event in subsequent days. About 53,606,297 individuals reached through TV, 23,735,892 by Radio and 1,188,398 through newspapers(inclusive of pass on ratio)